Dr Abdul Aziz (BDS, Doctor of Clinical Dentistry - Otago, NZ),
Specialist Endodontist.


We encourage general practitioners to carry out quality endodontic practice themselves, in their own practices. Endodontics is technique sensivitve and our services are available for any cases which may be challenging.

Types of referrals

In cases where you may wish to carry out the treatment but would like some advice, we would be delighted to talk over the phone or with e-mails. A radiograph and clinical notes will be highly desirable.

Referral for consultation only
You may wish to get an opinion about the treatment in an unusual, difficult to diagnose or cases that may have a poor prognosis. We will gladly see your patient to discuss the options and advise you of the outcome of the consultation.

Referrals for treatments
Cases that you may not wish to treat at your own practice can be referred to our state of art, conveniently located practice in East Auckland with a branch in Albany. A referral pad is provided for your convenience or an online referral can be made at www.endodonticpractice.co.nz. These referrals can also be e-mailed to info@endodonticpractice.co.nz.

Benefits for you and your patients

Modern instruments and techniques
We use the most modern and effective equipments, instruments techniques and materials. These include operating microscope, electronic apical locaters, nickel titanium rotary instruments, digital radiography, ultrasonics, rubber dam isolation and gutta percha obturation. Our chairs, microscope and instrument are custom designed and manufactured to our specifications. The chair has state of the art electronics and is covered with luxurious leather for your patients comfort.

Emergency patients
We endeavour to examine and treat you on the same day or within 24 hrs in case of emergency such as pain, swelling or trauma.

Patient management
At our practice we treat everyone with warmth, respect and empathy. For the benefit of patients with dental phobia, we will use additional relative analgesia such as Penthrox.

In any case we are here to assist you to provide the best possible outcome for your patient. We will send you a report within 72 hrs following our initial consultation and on completion of your patient.

Patients will always be referred back to you for the completion of any indirect coronal restoration or to treat any other finding we may discover.
The coronal restoration will be tailored according to your request specified in the referral form. We are available to answer any queries and an after hours telephone and an e-mail address is provided to you and all our patients.


Restorative considerations for endodontically treated teeth 18-07